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An encounter with an alien(fiction)

As soon as I hear the word ‘night’, what   instantly comes to my mind is a sleep of peace and seldom with a cavalcade of nightmares. I remember the most bewildering night of my life. That day had been too demanding and challenging as I had completed my project work with great labor. I abruptly stood up and went to my room to sleep from the dining table after having my mother’s handmade appetizing and mouth-watering food. I lain down and tried to sleep. I dozed off for a while and suddenly heard a knock at my door. I was filled with fear which was manifested on my alarmed and horrified panic -stricken face and I felt gutless and pusillanimous. I tried to find my slippers in the dark of the night but they too left me like a flatterer ; and failing to locate  them  I stepped down from my spongy and velvety bed and paced like a ravenous and starving tiger . I looked through the key hole and saw a red and blue colored shiny body with green colored stripes and small goose bumps liked skin. I thought that my brother had worn a fancy uniform to frighten me so I quickly opened the door. To my bafflement, I saw an alien who told me in a gismo-freak voice that he had come from outer space .He had one mouth, one nose with one nostril and an eye – colored purple. His mouth was placed at the top of his forehead and eyes had taken position above the chin.  I was thrilled and taken aback….and started to shiver but he touched my forehead and I became still. I tried to run back with haste but he softly and benevolently asked me not to be afraid of him in my language. He further told me that he is an astronomer on his planet –‘LESWAP’ and has come to earth for a research work on EARTH with his colleagues. I was still in a surprised state and didn’t know what to do-either call my parents to rescue me or talk to THE ALIEN …..I was stuck in a quagmire. I decided for the second option and gradually became normal and asked him fearfully to sit on the chair and tell some things about his planet .He placidly sat on my chair and told me that the meaning of his planet’s name in English is ‘endeavor’ and also that his name is SARASK .He seemed to be receptive, amiable and a genius. On being asked I told him my name and he responded surprisingly that my name has a literal meaning in his language too which means a ‘brook’. He further told me that his planet is quite contrary to EARTH .His planet has maroon colored plants which give out nitrogen gas –the life- giving gas on LESWAP. He told me that leswapians exhale out nitrogen dioxide and that their homes are made of aluminium and their body is made of carbon and chlorine compounds .I was astonished to hear such scientific and impractical facts for people on EARTH. Well, his dialect made me soporific as he was really cordial and genial. Then, I asked him about his normal life and day-to-day activities. He  discerned me that their life is completely technological and have gadgets similar to that of DORAEMON-the cartoon character(leswapians too watched doraemon by satellite connections with earth) but I distinguished earth’s life and said that we live a very simple life  with a blend of a bit technology in our life . Here people are simplistic but our technology seems to be quite orthodox to SARASK’s one. SARASK was the inventor of time machine on his planet and told that robots work as servants in each house. He reciprocated with gentleness and took out his four-dimensional pocket and produced a dish made from a vegetable called-BRONGTO for him and a butterscotch cake for me. He told that LESWAPIANS have plethora of forests and they have not promiscuously harmed the different elements of nature. I was shocked… one planet –we are not at all concerned to save our environment instead accuse scientific and technological projects for harming the nature even after having such a beautiful, scenic and wonderful planet and at the same time there are people like LESWAPIANS too who are completely technological but haven’t developed even a single technological project at the cost of their environment ……really surprising! Suddenly, he received a gamma ray signal which he saw at his wristwatch .YES, gamma rays were innocuous and visible for them! He stood up, gave me a soft copy regarding his planet –LESWAP (a kind of encyclopedia), bid me farewell and vanished within a micro-second with the help of his invisible-ANYWHERE DOOR. I was astounded but found a good and kind friend who did not scathe my planet instead praised it. I was fascinated and considered that meeting prolific as my narrow boulevard of mind had accumulated much useful knowledge and awareness in it. I went back to my bed and slept at just one instant.

                                            ‘NO MEN ARE FOREIGN’

                                      ‘AND NO COUNTRIES STRANGE’

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