Hello friends!!…

Hello friends!! I am really overwhelmed by your response and hope that you would keep on supporting me.Today i am going to discuss in short the hottest topic which is stirring the whole world -GLOBAL WARMING.I don’t think that I really need to acquaint you with what global warming is or what are its impacts.We are very well aware of its causes,preventive measures and consequences as well.Our EARTH  is subjected to several types of injustices daily and the blameworthy are none other than we-ourselves.WE voice out our thoughts and keep on charging others as a  culpable but why do we forget that we too don’t switch off the lights of our drawing rooms even while sitting in the living room, why do we disregard the fact that we don’t use public transport because it is against our standard living.We forget many such things but still accuse others.So lets join hands together and enroll ourselves in the noble cause of protecting our distinct , grand , beautiful scenic home and our motherland-EARTH from further deterioration. COME AND LETS BE UNITED!!!!!!!!!!



7 thoughts on “Hello friends!!…

  1. i really like yr thought and practices in regards to protect enviornment …………….i simply say pls pls pls—- COME AND LETS BE UNITED!!!!!!!!!!.. wid megha……..as we knw self esteem comes from hard work…….knit india ………..”hum honge kaam yaab ek din- maan mein hai biswas”


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