MY NOSTALGIC ‘CHILDHOOD’ ….I wanna go back to my childhood..!!!!!!

Childhood is the word that instantly produces in my mind a flashback of childhood memories.It reminds me of that familiar inexplicable nostalgic feeling.Childhood is the best part of the lives of most of the people.Almost everybody relate to their childhood with a joyous ,again nostalgic feeling and that emotion which penetrates into our minds like to have our head in the clouds.Childhood can be related to a tea bag which gives out the true ,dark and long lasting color only when completely dissolved in hot boiled water-Anonymous.

Childhood is the time period when a child is away from any kind of turmoil or tension and is only busy in the innocent fights with friends and siblings. Life is ephemeral and knocks at your doorsteps only once.Well, I have loved my childhood . The best way for me to remember my child is to open my cupboard and take out my family album.Those nano-second’s moment when i m sitting in my mother’s laps or when my father is cautiously making me eat my food or when I am sitting on my dressing table with my sister and trying to push her out of the frame makes me feel too good  . Well, i don’t know about others but I connect to my childhood by listening to certain songs or remembering some of the tv serials.Songs like jaane kisne, dhoom pichak dhoom,waiting 4 tonight,sweet and cute falguni pathak’s songs-maine payal hai chankaiImage ,etc,THE LIST IS ENDLESS…Image

I loved watching HIP HIP HURRAY,SMALL WONDER,SHAKA LAKA BOOM BOOM,AGAIN an endless list……those days were too enriching…it was a real fun. Do u remember those songs still, which tuned as -AAJ HAMARA KAL APNA KOI MAANE YAA NA MAANE


…. I remember how i used to play with my colony friends .I still want to contact one of my childhood friends but i am unable to contact my old buddy-Bandika….where r u ????I mostly relate to my childhood with a blend of nostalgia and happiness. Well most of you would say that I have a bee in my bonnet regarding my childhood but to return to my childhood and enjoy each moment of that fanciful, interesting and lovable childhood is like building castles in the air …..quite TRUE..Image






































27 thoughts on “MY NOSTALGIC ‘CHILDHOOD’ ….I wanna go back to my childhood..!!!!!!

  1. Oh my God! I’m all nostalgic & how! memories of my heart will go on, kuch kuch hota hai, dil se, dooba dooba reheta hoon (silk route), falguni pathak’s maine payal hai… (list is endless) have all come flooding into my mind and i’m drowning… thanks for making me take this walk down the memory lane, it was so nice! Lovely post! 🙂
    glad that i stumbled upon you…


  2. this entire thing made me nostalgic!!
    OMG! i remembered all those shows and songs. shaka laka boom boom and small wonder were my favorite shows!! i really really wish those days could come back. :’)


  3. i am depressed and just thinking about my childhood then i find this , i just started weeeping ,all these memories just come in front of me ,childhood is the best part i love maheri song and phalguni pathak songs ,and i love to watch mogali ,shaka laka boom boom ,i want those days back


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