This is a very short post , published with a view to let all of us ponder upon a thought of being social…..Yesterday I was going through my facebook profile and had to contemplate that most of my fb friends are those whom i don’t even talk to out of this virtual world ….We being so very much social through social networking sites are still forlorn and secluded….WHY IS IT SO???We don’t even greet our neighbours daily and some of us don’t even know their names and we promise to be great socialites…..Festivals used to be an event to enjoy with family, friends and neighbours but today -thanx to our social networking sites, we can send them a message by copying it from google and yes our job is finished..Earlier we used to offer home-made sweets , ladoos, mathris , e.t.c to our guests but now we all know what we do and what we ignore to do ……But we cannot forget that we are the BIGGEST SOCIAL ANIMALS ……


  1. great thought Megha! Its a curse that has befallen all of us. and we never saw it coming. I do not think there is a way out of it now. The new generation has been completely entrapped in the world wide web.


  2. so nicely framed in words. really we are living a reclusive life now a days, afraid of interacting with our relatives and nearby’s. I have gone through your other blogs also and i have observed that u have got a lot of maturity in writing.your word selection power is extremely good which is a rare phenomenon at this age. keep it up.


    • Ohh my GOD ….Thank you very much ksr7 for going through all the posts and reading them with so much concentration.Well I would like to go through your posts too and yes we need to do something in regard to this NETWORKING so as to become really social….Thank you again for your appreciation


      • till date, I had been writing my thoughts on rough papers and i would really love to write a blog as soon as i gets a better topic to write on. literary work is always a amusing thing to do and oh yes! megha you are worth of appreciation. really your blogs have enriched my vocabulary and the way to convey. splendid work.


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