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The nature holds in its palms the creations of God .The exuberance to see and feel every creation of God is in itself a deep contentment.The voyages are the best way to enjoy and comprehend the expression of nature through its each creation. Seas have always been the main attraction of poets to describe their romance with nature. Sea side and beeches too are a source of inspiration and deep contemplation.Sea voyages play an important role in finding an expression in a void soul and a lost mind.

         The image of a titanic ship and sunset at the horizon , sun becoming more orange and amalgamating with the white lined clouds creating a picture in itself of a halo which is radiating out its knowledge and genius all around,just amazing!!.Well, Sea voyages start from a coast or a beech and then shipping oneself all the way through the greenish blue deep waters to an island makes the voyage a standard bearer.The most overwhelming experience is to enjoy at a calm beech where every mortal body is busy deepening itself into immortal thoughts.The most remarkable feeling is to stand near the railing of a penthouse like ship and enjoy the windy weather with your arms spread out as if to hug the beautiful sky.Another simplistic and yet virtuous feel is to let the splashes of sea drop onto your body as if you got the air into its refreshing bath of serenity.

        The most philosophical idea strikes your mind when you are standing still and can feel the slaps of wind on your face and hear it winding away from near your ears.Sea voyages give us the opportunity to live life to the fullest and enjoy certain activities like scuba diving, sea bathing, sight seeing and swimming. Such activities strengthen us and enervates our weaknesses and fears.Sea voyages provides the most beautiful scene and panorama of unending sky and blue waters.Maybe  you can catch hold a fish or even a Dolphin if you are fortunate enough. Sea voyages become even more attractive and reflective when you see an echolon just above you, flying across to infinity beyond horizon to achieve its everlasting freedom .The thought to ponder upon meanwhile is that we may face the valleys of shadows of limitations but there is a freedom beyond all this . Therefore , sea voyages for me are the best option to choose for spending my holidays to be philosophical and romantic with sea and nature.

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