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My cute guests

Hey everyone!!!!!Sorry for being inactive for a while. Today after so many days , after hearing my voice which craved to be listened by everyone, I really felt that I must write a post about the new lesson learnt by me.Without creating much suspense let me disclose you the lesson-the lesson of love, care , concern, humane,benevolence, maternal feelings and of course, affection. My new love is not just one but five stray puppies.Yesterday, my brother came into the house with 2 cute puppies in his hands and urged my mother to keep them in the house.As we already have 3 dogs and we manage enough of the dirt and uncleanliness in house because of them according to my father, my mother was also thus not in favor of keeping them in the house.Suddenly my father on returning from his office entered the room where this hot topic was being discussed……an eloquent pause splashed through the room as the two puppies were lying on the bed just in front of the heater in this chilling cold.But my father’s words surprised everyone !!!!!He without any need of persuasion agreed or rather ordered to keep the puppies in the generator room of the house.All of us in the family were too excited to entertain our new guests.The five fragile souls were taken up to the empty generator room which houses no generator in it (hahahha)…The floor was covered with a large bed sheet and water was kept for them . Their mother was searched by a worker in the colony and was made available to the puppies to nurture them up with the chaste and neat milk.When their mother was milking them up – the scene was wonderful as it depicted love, care and affection altogether .The puppies were full of pleasure and satisfaction while sitting near the grate. Here are a few snaps of those little , cute,charming and lovely puppies…..DSC01091 DSC01092 DSC01097 DSC01093DSC01089

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