Just now I heard a news which stated that an S.D.M. has been killed brutally .Suddenly I went through a cavalcade of  flashbacks  of such cases .One such case was that of Pratapgarh,U.P. where a D.S.P was murdered and daily we see his wife on various news channels in a pitiable yet spirited condition fighting against the black works of the “bold” and the socially stronger people in terms of violence and a salaried self-army .Another case was from M.P. where an I.P.S. officer was killed because he was doing his duty and tried to stop the illegal mining in his posted district. And there was yet another fresh case of an engineer Shashank yadav being allegedly  killed as he was supporting the C.B.I. with some documents against  some people who had done a Rs.2000 crore scam.The young engineer is a son of my father’s colleague .All such cases compelled me to contemplate upon a thought.The thought was-Did they work so hard to get into the public service to see such an end to their lives????????????Did they sacrifice their nights in studying and doing hard work so as to see such an end to their desires and aims.??????Did they go through those sleepless nights to see their parents lamenting on their dead bodies..?????????Did they desire all through their lives to serve for the people to see this foul and appalling day…?????????At least I don’t think that they wished all this..At least I who is one of those  who has planned to go through these sleepless nights to work hard and serve for my people have not thought ever of this..I agree with the thought that a death for the people and for  the country is a great honor in itself and that is the reason why we salute the “SHAHEEDS”  but even after our honorary death if we do not receive justice and see such brutal, bad and social evils moving around freely ,it really hurts a lot ..It hurts no where physically but somewhere mentally and philosophically so sharply that sometimes we try to give up and I know that giving up is not an option.But the thought to ponder upon is that do we, young minds  work so hard to see such a brutal end to our lives..?????I was stuck in a quagmire whether to work so hard to receive such an end to my life(maybe) or not???Well, I decided to go ahead and fight against such evils which are deeply rooted in our social framework.BUT still there is a voice which is maybe sad and angry which is a barrier in my way yet I have resolved and am determined to serve my people no matter even if I have to sacrifice my life in this noble cause.


  1. Good to find socially responsible citizens in the making..Try thinking on these lines, which of the following situations would be better, to die after living for 60 years, doing nothing worthwhile, which benefits those around you, or to die at 30, leaving a mark, and ushering in a change/ goodness (irrelevant of how big or small it is) into the society. If you’re able to arrive at an answer to this, then your doubts will immediately evaporate.

    Also, law(niyama) and justice(nyaya) are not one and the same, there is a very feeble but important line which separates them, which is why many a times, these ‘shaheeds’ go without ‘justice’ in the legal sense. But actual justice is doled out to them, when they are remembered, long after they are gone.

    Keep in mind, “Satyam vada, Dharmam chara”


    • Rightly said Rehan…Well this is the thought that we really need to ponder upon ..We need to do something worthwhile in our short span of time that we get…Thanks for your views and such rightful thoughts…


  2. You are a voice of reason, and my sister your words are surely thought provoking! You are an excellent writer, and i am quite sure you will bring attention to the many evils that are done! You give it a face that many will relate to…because it can happen to one of their own family members. I will keep you tightly embraced in my prayers, for what you do will challenge evil persons, and organizations. You would be a very keen reporter of happenings and facts. From a distance I will support you! I am blessed to share life with you in this world…may the radiance of your spirit always shine brightly my sister…god bless!


  3. why should we, who aspire to be civil servants be ready to sacrifice our lives on the altar of change. I am sorry to say but ‘live to kill’, is that what i believe, because when even your own department doesnt stand up for you, whats the need of sacrificing your life..


    • Yes, you are really correct my friend..But the thing is that people are almost emotionless now.WE see news being reported on tv channels and newspapers are flooded with such incidents daily, and we listen and are mute spectators, not being able to do much for such sincere red tapes.WE have seen Durgashakti’s case as well recently and see the situation..IT IS INDEED AN ALARMING AND ABOMINABLE ONE. 😦


  4. If we look at such happenings a little deeply, we will find that people do not feel attachment. We all belong to this motherland and hence we are all brothers and sisters. If we deeply feel this attachment, definitely try to do something to avoid such happenings and such awakening will slowly do away with crimes. When we totally think of self and not the COUNTRY , such mishaps result. Such awakening is worth and fruitful for a fruitful life.I wish you an excellent future.


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