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VARIEGATED LIFE -My last two years

This post is a recall to the last two years of my life. The wheel is spinning continuously towards the completion of the thread and I am concocting to furnish a beautiful cloth with linear unambiguous lines of thread stretching out to the core to lay out a masterpiece .Retrospectively , I have learned a lot in these last two years since I joined the web and it was hard for me to leave my virtual family. It has been 2 years since I joined WordPress and did my share of Blogging. After scoring 95% in class 10th , I was on cloud 9 and was looking forward to exercise on my hobbies and got busy in sketching , writing and guitar playing .In class 11th my elder sister studying in an IIT advised me to start blogging. She had seen in me the passion for writing and expressing my thoughts which come and crowd up my mind in a cavalcade which force me to provide these thoughts, ideas , opinions and my philosophical contemplation a manifestation through a blog. I am thankful to her that today I can publish my writings here on wordpress and let the world read it through this open and free channel of expressions through different coats of colors of the world. I did a lot of blogging in class 11 and then in class 12, as it happens most often, I myself got sequestered from my blog due to studies. I could manage time to write just 2 blog posts in the last year . After my board results, I have learned a lot of lessons which almost made me a savant 😉 in yet another mystery of my philosophy of life. Due to my gall bladder operation and lack of concentration henceforth , I got just 88.5% from science stream in this world of DU admissions . It was hard for me to believe at first , I got the answer scripts rechecked but I was still on the same stair of dissatisfaction , agony, shame , melancholy and depression as I was on the 17th of May when the results were announced.I deactivated my facebook account, stopped replying to messages , started avoiding phone calls and was living in a secluded world created by myself . I got around 5000 rank in CLAT and got a score of 98 in SET but could not make up to Symbiosis as I had done a mistake while filling my application form due to which I was just sitting at home without any idea or thought. My mind had become a blank canvass as if somebody had erased all my paintings and here I was without any great opportunity in hand. Many more such things were occurring and I was cursing the whole quota system and the whole pessimism of this world had filled up to the brim. At this point of time in my life , everything seemed finished and cleaned away. Finally , there came a ray of hope and enlightenment which gave me strength to be optimistic again. I took admission in Dyal Singh College in B.A. Hons Political Science on 1st July 2014. I learned that at one point of time we consider our life to be finished but there is always something better planned for us by GOD. As CHETAN BHAGAT aptly quotes that ” We have no hope if we cannot prove Uncle Cynic wrong “. To revile and revert back is not the only method to reconcile ourselves towards peace but robust attitude towards life and our integrity is something that leads us to the better plan of GOD.
I will focus towards my aim of being an IAS officer with complete unanimity of my mind, body and soul.