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The middle-of-the-road Ice Bucket Challenge – the widespread and well accepted challenge has been on everyone’s mind. Facebook and Youtube have profited beyond our imagination due to this ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE and we- the facebook users have gained enough likes and comments on our uploaded videos featuring our various styles of accepting and practicing the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE . AS per Wikipedia , the idea of ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE was to raise money for charity which involved the process of nominating participants and then dumping of ice cold water on their heads and then donating some amount of money for the research of ALS. I won’t go into its further origin but on its high popularity on social networking sites . My notification pinged all the time from May to mid September with notifications of my friends accepting the challenge and uploading videos but it is shocking to know as per BCC REPORT of 12th Sept 2014 that only ONE out of TEN people who did the challenge , actually donated. Awestruck I am . Another shocking data reveals as per Forbes that ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE resulted in millions of incremental dollars in ad revenue for Facebook and Youtube . The ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE raised considerably more than $100 million for research into degenerative neurological disease . All this at the cost of thousands of gallons of water !!! When already we are running short of water , was it necessary to waste such a large amount of water in this challenge ???Instead of accepting the challenge and then resting on bed in fever and cold , step out of the house and do something for those people who are hungry and have nothing to eat. Do something real . Think upon it .
Was this the only way left to grow awareness about this neurological disease??
We should ask ourselves why were we uploading a video if we did not have to donate anything ?? The psychological answer to this is that we want to gain popularity among our social networking sites’ friends and also to gain enough likes and comments . If we have to do charity , then do it without stating and showing off about it . Instead of wasting water and not even donating anything , we should look out for real needy people and do charity not for the virtual world but for our own satisfaction and peace . There could have been other methods to collect money for ALS research rather than at the cost of vital water and profiting the capitalist class.

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