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Law breaking and suspicious manoeuvre of “Singham” -Patna SP

The news much in controversy for 2 major reasons :
1. a police officer gets “ARRESTED”
2. an IPS officer drags him holding by his uniform’s collar into the Police vehicle.
At first , the news was broadcast-ed through various famous and trusted news channels that an inspector of UP Crime Branch gets arrested by SP City Patna in civil dress who had covered his head with a “chunri” for allegedly asking for bribe from a cyber cafe owner and the inspector was exhibited as the wrongdoer, the lawbreaker, an offender whereas the SP city Shivdeep Lande was honored with the title of “SINGHAM” with appreciation and praise. After few hours the perception of viewing the news got changed and a mere question of suspicion on the procedure of arrest came into limelight. This is what happened.
Now I would like to speak on what should not have happened. To begin with , SP City of Patna Police,fantasized by the Bollywood and South Indian movies tried to be a “DABANG” or “SINGHAM” but in the whole act committed an offence himself due to the procedure he followed. First of all, the Law of Arrest in India states that -” Merely on suspicion of complicity in an offence, no arrest to be made” and Arrest shall be effected
(a) where it is necessary to arrest the accused to
bring his movements under restraint to infuse confidence among the terror-stricken
victims or where the accused is likely to abscond and evade the process of law;
(b)where the accused is given to violent behaviour and is likely to commit further
offences unless his movements are brought under restraint or the accused is a
habitual offender and unless kept in custody is likely to commit similar offences
(c) where the arrest of the persons is necessary to protect the arrested person
himself; or
(d) where such arrest is necessary to secure or preserve evidence of or
relating to the offence; or
(e) where such arrest is necessary to obtain evidence from
the person concerned in an offence punishable with seven years or more, by
questioning him.

In this case, the inspector was neither posing as a threat to anybody nor he had till then bribed anyone, he was not even found with any such evidence and EVIDENCE is all that matters the most in such cases.
The complete methodology and operation of this arrest raises doubt and suspicion against the will of SP City Patna. In fact, the undertaking cannot even be called as a “ARREST” legally as it was much like kidnapping or capturing . Another wrong act was to drag the inspector by his Police Uniform’s collar, which is considered as a grace on a body of a Police Officer. This resulted in an insult, disgrace and ignominy to the inspector of UP Crime Branch.
The inspector came to Bihar to investigate regarding a case and instead of providing him with help and assistance, SP City Patna arrested him merely on suspicion and that too in a very violent and aggressive manner which embellished the inspector.
An IPS officer must be well acquainted with the laws more than anybody because they are the ones who have to exercise these laws but Shivdeep Lande has exhibited the most unauthentic way of arresting . Above all , the inclusion of Media persons on special invitation by him to record his heroic deed points out how influenced Mr. Shivdeep lande is by Bollywood movies.The worst role is played by the negligent and careless news channels which aired the video recording of an inspector being captured by an IPS officer without going into the details and legal aspect of this incident, without knowing the legal facts that such a procedure was not authentic, without realizing the fact that it may result in slander and defamation of the inspector.
The Police does not file an FIR even on cases of sexual assault, rape and molestation as per the statistics many a times and on a case of suspicion of asking for a bribe by an inspector, the Patna Police displayed its energetic , rapid and instantaneous response . I hope I get to see this kind of energy in every and any kind of case in future by Police .
The inspector might have gone there to enquire but before he could do that he was arrested. What was the hurry to arrest the inspector in the middle of the act ? He could have bribed the cyber cafe owner and after that too he could be arrested with evidence or if he was alerted by the CCTV cameras then he could have been followed secretly and then held for bribing a person afterwards as well . Was it a conspiracy to hinder the inspector from inspecting the case to protect someone or was it a plan to take a revenge or was it something else???Doubt and suspicion arises out of the violent outburst and ferocious body language undertaken by SP City Patna Shivdeep Lande.