Ramjas Fiasco-An Outsider’s View


The Ramjas fiasco has once again stirred the debate on nationalism, Freedom of Speech and Expression, Right to peaceful protest as a fundamental right being infringed upon and what accounts as a national or an anti national but one point that I find the most important here is about the “Student Politics”. I think what happened in Ramjas is deplorable and unfortunate. Students aligned to opposing student organizations hurling shoes, abuses and what not on each other. I don’t even know which party did what because in such situations, categorically marking students as per their ideologies is a very difficult process as some hooligans, not aligned to any ideology in particular take advantage of the situation to further the damage and nuisance. Through this article, I am not declaring anybody neither the culprit nor the victim. What I am trying to convey through this article is the misuse of rights given to Students or individuals in general, as power derived. Formation of Student Organizations like any other organisation must promote the interests of the group they are representing. The youth is the future of every nation. It is only right that they in their capacity learn to work towards the progress of the nation. Since the era of the Congress Party domination, the students’ unions in India have developed a complex tradition of student politics. Most of these unions are affiliated to a political parties and actively participate in any current crisis, especially those related to students. But lately, we have witnessed student organisations turning to violent attacks and radical ideology of not allowing opposing views to be given an audience. There are numerous cases where such Student Organisations have not allowed an opposing point of view to be heard. I respect the feeling of Nationalism and at the same time also am aware of the atrocities people in some parts of our country have to go through and the problems they deal with but I find it absolutely unwise to raise slogans against one’s own country. I also feel that there are many ways and means to stop somebody from doing that. Turning to violence, creating a fracas and fear among students, leading to police being called in a campus for such reasons and converting a place of study into a ground for politics and waging war is something that I do not stand by. I do not want to sound too idealist here but I do believe that as students, as youth, as future of the country we should not only be tolerant of the antagonistic opinions but must also not succumb to violence and abrupt belligerent behavior. As a student of DU, I believe that University should be more a place of conflicting beliefs and arguments rather than National level politics being myopically reflected by students and that the sacredness of this place must be maintained in its absolute sense.


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