Hello readers.I am  Megha Singh Chauhan , a resident of the BEAUTIFUL TAJ CITY-‘AGRA’ . I started blogging in 11th standard and am still enjoying it.I am a student of B.A. (Hons) Political Science at Dyal Singh College, Delhi University (2014-2017).At wordpress, I think I have got the right stage to put up my thoughts at a wider level for a greater audience.I love to read and write and these are some of my hobbies that have developed profoundly ever since to help me in putting up my thoughts here. I have aims like any other youth or say teenager but I believe that I have a different approach towards things in life and so have a keen desire to do something great and different.I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts. I would love to know my readers’ feedback.


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  1. Megha, thanks for visiting my blog! Your words have power and deep insight, and you write very well as your write from your heart on any subject matter. You bring a genuine truth to life with your words. In this world, all around it there are many voices trying to shape it their own way, but those who share a real loving care for mankind will always be blessed in a timeless way. Your light will never go out. I am proud to have you as a sister and friend, and may we both do our part always to always help make this world a little bit better with our efforts. Your words have left me with a genuine smile. God bless my sister and have a wonderful day!


    • Thanks a lot Wendell sir to keep me in your prayers and liking my thought.I am truly grateful to you for your words and praise, I will always strive to do my bit and as u mentioned I will definitely try to do my bit to make this world a bit better through my small efforts.Thanks a lot once again and happy Blogging my brother.!!!


  2. Hi Megha,
    Just letting you know I’m moving everything from my “Reflections” to a new blog at thewritofimagination.wordpress.com Please follow there. Thanks!
    ~ Tina


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  4. I am glad to see you are okay, but even happier for the smile you left with you visit! Thanks Megha, your heart shines the brightest when you share, and I thank you for the spiritual hugs you always send my way…God bless you always my sister!


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