Reservation and still Inequality persists

Source: Reservation and still Inequality persists


Reservation and still Inequality persists

The concept of Reservation is justified in India as positive discrimination to rectify historical injustices towards certain groups. We all know how reservation, a concept evolved to uplift the historically marginalized sections has deepened its roots in the Indian soil.Issues in our country are so easily politicized and sculpted into separate issue entities that the true essence of the original issue dissipates and fades away.Earlier, the caste groups granted the status of a reserved category considered themselves menial and subservient to other non-reserved groups and showed reluctance to tell publicly if they were enjoying the benefits of reservation but Modernity, Development and Globalization have led to a dignified encouragement that today people not only frankly tell which groups do they belong to but other “non-reserved” groups claim themselves to be socially and economically backward so as to be labelled as a “backward” group and benefited by reservation policy .

We have witnessed how OBC reservation has been demanded by  JAT community and others (because they agitated , brought loss to government property,etc.)so I will not go into the details of it. We need to think intensely as to why agitation for the grant of reservation status is considered so easily. Here comes the point to discuss Hardik Patel , a so-called pioneer for the rights of the Patel community in Gujarat. He is trying to bring together the so-called backward communities of the country under one umbrella and seeks for an OBC status henceforth. It is clearly evident that he is politicizing this struggle for Patel Reservation in order to  either become the political face for the people of Gujarat and garner for himself a major position in Indian Politics or to create a state of perturbation , distress and conflict in the much vulnerable Gujarat, excited by other major political parties of India.

I would like to raise a point how can the socially and economically well-off Patel community be given an OBC status? How can one individual raise such a vast agitative fracas and be successful at mobilizing people of a certain community and bring the whole state to a standstill? We need to ponder upon why people raising their voices against reservation are taken for granted and voices demanding reservation are given such a vast media coverage?

A concept developed to compensate for historical injustices and inequality meted out to the present reserved categories is  today sidelining and marginalizing other non-reserved communities due to the flawed implementation of the reservation policy.Due to such inequalities prevalent in the country we see that there has been a major setback in the living standards of people. Even the lower middle class family stands prone to reach the poverty line due to increasing inflation today. Further, we notice that there is a growing inequality among people with reference to opportunities and capabilities as there is a section of people who has access to not only the opportunity but also the means to achieve that opportunity whereas the other section is unable to access either of these.Policies to address inequality should…focus on ensuring equality of opportunity, improving upward mobility and providing adequate support to mitigate shocks for the poorest” (Urbanization key to offsetting inequality in India: World Bank Report, If that is to be followed then the poorest class not only consists of SCs, STs and OBCs but the non reserved groups as well. Rural India still has a lack of opportunities and the limited opportunities are bagged by the reserved categories and the non reserved remain in poverty and ignorance. Why not treat all those equally backward people of a village(for instance) and uplift these people to a similar standard.

So, a country like India is today compensating for previous inequalities and then tomorrow’s India will compensate for inequalities meted out to the present “non-reserved” community/group. Will the Indian state forever feel sorry for its previous flawed mistakes and keep repenting and recompensing for its past mistakes? Is India always going to exercise reparation?

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Law breaking and suspicious manoeuvre of “Singham” -Patna SP

The news much in controversy for 2 major reasons :
1. a police officer gets “ARRESTED”
2. an IPS officer drags him holding by his uniform’s collar into the Police vehicle.
At first , the news was broadcast-ed through various famous and trusted news channels that an inspector of UP Crime Branch gets arrested by SP City Patna in civil dress who had covered his head with a “chunri” for allegedly asking for bribe from a cyber cafe owner and the inspector was exhibited as the wrongdoer, the lawbreaker, an offender whereas the SP city Shivdeep Lande was honored with the title of “SINGHAM” with appreciation and praise. After few hours the perception of viewing the news got changed and a mere question of suspicion on the procedure of arrest came into limelight. This is what happened.
Now I would like to speak on what should not have happened. To begin with , SP City of Patna Police,fantasized by the Bollywood and South Indian movies tried to be a “DABANG” or “SINGHAM” but in the whole act committed an offence himself due to the procedure he followed. First of all, the Law of Arrest in India states that -” Merely on suspicion of complicity in an offence, no arrest to be made” and Arrest shall be effected
(a) where it is necessary to arrest the accused to
bring his movements under restraint to infuse confidence among the terror-stricken
victims or where the accused is likely to abscond and evade the process of law;
(b)where the accused is given to violent behaviour and is likely to commit further
offences unless his movements are brought under restraint or the accused is a
habitual offender and unless kept in custody is likely to commit similar offences
(c) where the arrest of the persons is necessary to protect the arrested person
himself; or
(d) where such arrest is necessary to secure or preserve evidence of or
relating to the offence; or
(e) where such arrest is necessary to obtain evidence from
the person concerned in an offence punishable with seven years or more, by
questioning him.

In this case, the inspector was neither posing as a threat to anybody nor he had till then bribed anyone, he was not even found with any such evidence and EVIDENCE is all that matters the most in such cases.
The complete methodology and operation of this arrest raises doubt and suspicion against the will of SP City Patna. In fact, the undertaking cannot even be called as a “ARREST” legally as it was much like kidnapping or capturing . Another wrong act was to drag the inspector by his Police Uniform’s collar, which is considered as a grace on a body of a Police Officer. This resulted in an insult, disgrace and ignominy to the inspector of UP Crime Branch.
The inspector came to Bihar to investigate regarding a case and instead of providing him with help and assistance, SP City Patna arrested him merely on suspicion and that too in a very violent and aggressive manner which embellished the inspector.
An IPS officer must be well acquainted with the laws more than anybody because they are the ones who have to exercise these laws but Shivdeep Lande has exhibited the most unauthentic way of arresting . Above all , the inclusion of Media persons on special invitation by him to record his heroic deed points out how influenced Mr. Shivdeep lande is by Bollywood movies.The worst role is played by the negligent and careless news channels which aired the video recording of an inspector being captured by an IPS officer without going into the details and legal aspect of this incident, without knowing the legal facts that such a procedure was not authentic, without realizing the fact that it may result in slander and defamation of the inspector.
The Police does not file an FIR even on cases of sexual assault, rape and molestation as per the statistics many a times and on a case of suspicion of asking for a bribe by an inspector, the Patna Police displayed its energetic , rapid and instantaneous response . I hope I get to see this kind of energy in every and any kind of case in future by Police .
The inspector might have gone there to enquire but before he could do that he was arrested. What was the hurry to arrest the inspector in the middle of the act ? He could have bribed the cyber cafe owner and after that too he could be arrested with evidence or if he was alerted by the CCTV cameras then he could have been followed secretly and then held for bribing a person afterwards as well . Was it a conspiracy to hinder the inspector from inspecting the case to protect someone or was it a plan to take a revenge or was it something else???Doubt and suspicion arises out of the violent outburst and ferocious body language undertaken by SP City Patna Shivdeep Lande.


The middle-of-the-road Ice Bucket Challenge – the widespread and well accepted challenge has been on everyone’s mind. Facebook and Youtube have profited beyond our imagination due to this ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE and we- the facebook users have gained enough likes and comments on our uploaded videos featuring our various styles of accepting and practicing the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE . AS per Wikipedia , the idea of ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE was to raise money for charity which involved the process of nominating participants and then dumping of ice cold water on their heads and then donating some amount of money for the research of ALS. I won’t go into its further origin but on its high popularity on social networking sites . My notification pinged all the time from May to mid September with notifications of my friends accepting the challenge and uploading videos but it is shocking to know as per BCC REPORT of 12th Sept 2014 that only ONE out of TEN people who did the challenge , actually donated. Awestruck I am . Another shocking data reveals as per Forbes that ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE resulted in millions of incremental dollars in ad revenue for Facebook and Youtube . The ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE raised considerably more than $100 million for research into degenerative neurological disease . All this at the cost of thousands of gallons of water !!! When already we are running short of water , was it necessary to waste such a large amount of water in this challenge ???Instead of accepting the challenge and then resting on bed in fever and cold , step out of the house and do something for those people who are hungry and have nothing to eat. Do something real . Think upon it .
Was this the only way left to grow awareness about this neurological disease??
We should ask ourselves why were we uploading a video if we did not have to donate anything ?? The psychological answer to this is that we want to gain popularity among our social networking sites’ friends and also to gain enough likes and comments . If we have to do charity , then do it without stating and showing off about it . Instead of wasting water and not even donating anything , we should look out for real needy people and do charity not for the virtual world but for our own satisfaction and peace . There could have been other methods to collect money for ALS research rather than at the cost of vital water and profiting the capitalist class.

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VARIEGATED LIFE -My last two years

This post is a recall to the last two years of my life. The wheel is spinning continuously towards the completion of the thread and I am concocting to furnish a beautiful cloth with linear unambiguous lines of thread stretching out to the core to lay out a masterpiece .Retrospectively , I have learned a lot in these last two years since I joined the web and it was hard for me to leave my virtual family. It has been 2 years since I joined WordPress and did my share of Blogging. After scoring 95% in class 10th , I was on cloud 9 and was looking forward to exercise on my hobbies and got busy in sketching , writing and guitar playing .In class 11th my elder sister studying in an IIT advised me to start blogging. She had seen in me the passion for writing and expressing my thoughts which come and crowd up my mind in a cavalcade which force me to provide these thoughts, ideas , opinions and my philosophical contemplation a manifestation through a blog. I am thankful to her that today I can publish my writings here on wordpress and let the world read it through this open and free channel of expressions through different coats of colors of the world. I did a lot of blogging in class 11 and then in class 12, as it happens most often, I myself got sequestered from my blog due to studies. I could manage time to write just 2 blog posts in the last year . After my board results, I have learned a lot of lessons which almost made me a savant 😉 in yet another mystery of my philosophy of life. Due to my gall bladder operation and lack of concentration henceforth , I got just 88.5% from science stream in this world of DU admissions . It was hard for me to believe at first , I got the answer scripts rechecked but I was still on the same stair of dissatisfaction , agony, shame , melancholy and depression as I was on the 17th of May when the results were announced.I deactivated my facebook account, stopped replying to messages , started avoiding phone calls and was living in a secluded world created by myself . I got around 5000 rank in CLAT and got a score of 98 in SET but could not make up to Symbiosis as I had done a mistake while filling my application form due to which I was just sitting at home without any idea or thought. My mind had become a blank canvass as if somebody had erased all my paintings and here I was without any great opportunity in hand. Many more such things were occurring and I was cursing the whole quota system and the whole pessimism of this world had filled up to the brim. At this point of time in my life , everything seemed finished and cleaned away. Finally , there came a ray of hope and enlightenment which gave me strength to be optimistic again. I took admission in Dyal Singh College in B.A. Hons Political Science on 1st July 2014. I learned that at one point of time we consider our life to be finished but there is always something better planned for us by GOD. As CHETAN BHAGAT aptly quotes that ” We have no hope if we cannot prove Uncle Cynic wrong “. To revile and revert back is not the only method to reconcile ourselves towards peace but robust attitude towards life and our integrity is something that leads us to the better plan of GOD.
I will focus towards my aim of being an IAS officer with complete unanimity of my mind, body and soul.





I have been nominated by ever very good friend Vishal .By the end of this year, I have been showered by 3 awards and I am reaaly glad to accept it.Thanks a lot Vishal.

1-Display the award on your site.
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I am really happy to get this award because I love the spirit of this award which is love , friendship and togetherness. I believe in the togetherness of the people of this beautiful world and love among people and true friendship.


1. Wendell A brown

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3. Shobha Menon

4. Vishal Bheeroo

5. Raunak Mahajan

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